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Would you like to become a
Comprehensively Trained Pilates Teacher?

Do you want to be able to teach on all the Studio Apparatus as well as Matwork? 

If your ambition is to teach Pilates at the highest possible standard, give us a call and see if you are ready to be part of  
Lolita’s Legacy™!

Join Us At Scotland's Largest Pilates Studio To Carry On The Pilates Legacy!

About Lolita San Miguel

As a 1st Generation Pilates Instructor and Pilates Elder, Lolita was certified by Joseph Pilates himself.  Lolita brings over 60 years of experience of teaching the
Pilates Method world wide to this
Teacher Training Programme 

At the age of 85 Lolita still works and travels extensively teaching workshops, speaking at industry conferences and assessing
Lolita’s Legacy™students

About Your Educators

All Lolita's Legacy™ Educators are
2nd Generation Pilates Masters

Lolita’s Legacy™ Educators are a select group of Pilates Instructors chosen from Lolita's Disciples, those who graduated from her Pilates Master Mentor Program

Educators are selected because they have a passion, and dedication to pass on the integrity and the genius of the Pilates method through Lolita's Legacy™

Your main Educators will be Joakim Valsinger, Sabrina Simpson and Laura Weavers.  At some points you may be lucky enough to also meet and train with some outstanding international Legacy Educators from the USA and Europe

About Joseph Pilates

The legacy left behind after Joseph's passing has swept the globe and continues to help everyone from athletes to desk jockeys improve their physique and performance.

He developed his method of movement using only gravity as a force of resistance in the most popular Matwork, but also using his ingenious Studio Apparatus, all of which are covered in this course

Joseph Pilates was 50 years ahead of his time and we hope to build on his foundations.  Lolita has created this unique international training program, helping you to turn into a timeless and evolved Pilates Teacher

Bälans  Pilates Studio

Scotland's largest Pilates Studio is well equipped and a great learning environment

Two Matwork Studios
Fully equipped Apparatus Studio

Within easy reach of Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen

The studio is set in beautiful rural Perthshire

There is good value accommodation on site, as well as 5 star hotels and B&B's to suit all tastes nearby

Training Materials

Easy to follow course materials - books and DVDs explain how to perform and teach all exercises on the Mat as well as on all the Studio Apparatus and relevant Anatomy and Physiology

Lolita has poured her 5 decades of experience in the Pilates industry into this unique coursework

The DVDs and Manuals are packed with Lolita's comments, insights and personal advice to help you understand what Pilates means to her and how much she wants you to take her Legacy further

Every day starts with a Mat class so that you can consolidate learned techniques within your own body

Spending this much time on your own personal performance is very unusual for Pilates courses.  It is vital in absorbing the Method and developing your own understanding of each movement.  In the long run this makes you a better Pilates Teacher as you can express yourself from personal experience, and it starts your day in a positive and inspirational way.

The Course

Intensive Version
Designed for International Students
Pilates Matwork Teachers

- 500 Hours
4 Blocks between 4 & 7 days
over 12 months

Regular Version
Designed for Enthusiastic lovers of Pilates with no Qualifications who can attend weekends only

- 500 Hours
12 x 2 Day weekends
over 14 months

Mat System
Matwork Module: Pilates Foundations
 System I
System I – Introduction to the Apparatus
System II
System II – Intermediate work on Apparatus
System III
System III – Consolidation of Apparatus and Advanced Levels

Course Fee: £4,999
Paid Monthly or by 4 Installments

Next Start Date:
Regular Version
21st March 2020


Spaces are limited! 
We have already taken bookings for March 2020

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What you get from Lolita’s Legacy™

The Next Regular Course Starts:
- 21st of March 2020

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